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Applys force to Rigidbodys within its bounds.

Usage Notes:

  • Required to have isTrigger marked as true and for its collider to be a trigger.
  • Required to have RegisterRigidbody() called via its onEnter UnityEvent to function.
  • Required to have UnregisterRigidbody() called via its onExit UnityEvent to function.

Call AddListeners() if HealthZone is added to a GameObject during runtime.

Public Properties:

Type Name Description Default Value
List<Rigidbody> rigidbodies    
ForceModes mode   ForceTypes.directional
float force   10
Vector3 forceDirection   Vector3.forward
WindZone wind WindZone component that the force field syncs to if set to use the wind ForceMode.  

Public Methods:

Name Summary Parameters Returns
RegisterRigidbody     Void
UnregisterRigidbody     Void



{ wind, directional, explode, implode }