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A physics based projectile.

Usage Notes:

Requires that Impact() gets called by the base class onEnter() UnityEvent.

A Rigidbody reference is required for the field “rigid” and will be assigned automatically if none is found.

If adding the component via script be sure to call AddImpactListener().

Public Properties:

Type Name Description Default Value
Rigidbody rigid    
bool applyForceOnImpact Should force be applied to the hit rigidbody? true
float impactForce Force applied to the rigidbody of hit colliders. 1
float velocity Initial velocity of the rigidbody. 500
bool modifyHealthOnImpact Should health be modified on impact? false
TimedHealthEffect healthEffect    
bool disableOnImpact Should the projectile be disabled on impact? (useful for pooling). true
int ricochets How many times should the projectile be allowed to bounce before it can be disabled? 0, Minimum value = 0
bool useLifeTime Should the GameObject be deactivated after lifeTime has elapsed. true
float lifeTime How long this projectile will live before being deactivated (in seconds). 10
bool seekTarget   false
Transform target    
TargetModes targetMode Determines how a target should be selected if target is not initially defined. TargetModes.targetFirst
LayerMask layerMask The layer(s) to search for a target in.  
QueryTriggerInteraction triggerInteraction How should the projectile interact with trigger colliders? QueryTriggerInteraction.Ignore
RaycastHit[] hits Raycast hits collected when the projectile searches for targets to seek.  
string targetTag The tag required for a GameObject to be set as a target. (leave blank if you don’t need this).  
float searchRange The range to search for a target in. 10
float seekSpeed The speed at which the projectile will travel to the target. 10

Public Methods:

Name Summary Parameters Returns
Impact     Void
AddImpactListener Call if adding this component via script.   Void
FindBestTarget Finds the best target for the projectile to seek to.   Void



{ targetFirst, targetNearest, targetFarthest }