Manages play/pause, framerate events and time scale effects.

Usage Notes:

Calling SlowMoHalfSpeed will override any time effects started by calling ScaleTime.

Public Properties:

Type Name Description Default Value
static TimeManager Instance    
KeyCode togglePauseKey   KeyCode.Escape
bool pauseAudio   true
bool pauseTime   true
bool showCursor   true
UnityEvent onPause    
UnityEvent onUnPause    
bool modifyingTimeScale   false
float currentTimeDuration   0
float currentTimeMultiplier   0
bool debugFps Should fps counters be updated and fps events invoked? false
Text fpsCounter    
TMP_Text fpsCounterTMP    
float targetFPS   60, Minimum Value = 1
float currentFPS    
UnityEvent onBelowTargetFPS    
UnityEvent onAboveTargetFPS    

Public Methods:

| Name | Summary | Parameters | Returns | |:—-|:——————|:———–|:——–| | CountFPS | | | Void | | DebugFPS | | | Void | | ScaleTime | Scales the time of the game for the specified duration. | float multiplier “How much to add to the timescale.”, ‘float duration "The duration of the effect.", bool addMultiplier "Should the current multiplier be added onto.", bool addDuration "Should the current durration be added onto." | Void | | StopTimedHealthEffect | Stops a specific health effect by its TimedHealthEffect name. | string effectName | Void | | SlowMoHalfSpeed | Slows the time scale to half speed (overrides ScaleTime effects). | float duration "How long the slow motion effect lasts." | Void` |