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This module contains actions and condtions to play animations via Unity’s Animator component.

Usage Notes:

The tags “Player” and “Agent” are used by this module by default make sure they exist in your project settings if you use them.

Public Properties:

Type Name Description Default Value
UnityEvent animationEvents    
Animator anim The Animator component.  
List<GameObject> players    
string idleState    
string walkState    
string runState    
string jumpState    
string[] deathStates    
int currentDeathState   -1
string[] attackStates    
int currentAttackState   -1
string[] hitReactionStates    
int currentHitReactionState   -1

Public Methods:

Name Summary Parameters Returns
Idle     Void
Walk     Void
Run     Void
Jump     Void
Die   StateOptions option Void
Attack   StateOptions option Void
HitReaction   StateOptions option Void



{ Nearest, Farthest, Random, First, Last }