Represents an action or condition that will be executed or evaluated by AIAgent.

Usage Notes:

Contains two constructors one for defining the event as a condition and a shorter one to set the event as an action.

Public Properties:

Type Name Description Default Value
AIModule instance The required module component instance that this event links to during runtime.  
string moduleName The assembly qualified name the required module instance.  
int id ID is the index of either an action or condition.  
string name The name of the event.  
bool isCondition Does this event represent a condition?  
int score The score value of the event if the event represents a condition.  
bool state The required state of the event if the event represents a condition.  


Summary Parameters Constructs
Constructs an event as a condition. string eventName, int eventID, AIModule module, int conditionScore, bool conditionState BehaviourEvent
Constructs an event as an action. string eventName, int eventID, AIModule module BehaviourEvent

Public Methods:

Name Summary Parameters Returns
CompareTo Required by IComparable. BehaviourEvent other int