Getting Started:

To get started using Modular AI first create a GameObject with an AIManager component.

All Modular AI components can be found through the component menu:

Next create a new GameObject with an AIAgent component and add the modules you want to it. Modules contain code that defines behaviour logic the AI can use & can be configured using the inspector.

Utility Theory:

Modular AI uses utility theory for its AI behaviour logic. An AI agent can have as many behaviours as you want.


Behaviours are comprised of conditions and actions and have a score value. The behaviour with the score that best meets the score type you set will execute its actions.


Conditions are true/false statements based on what the AI knows about the game world. If a condition meets its desired state then it will add its score to the behaviour’s total score.


Actions are executed in the order they are arranged if a behaviour’s total score meets the score type better than any other behaviour.

Module Scripting:

Take a look at ExampleModule.cs for how to create your own modules.