Utility class for drawing commonly used editor GUI elements for modular AI’s custom inspectors.

Public Properties:

Type Name Description Default Value
static GUIStyle centeredBoldHelpBox    
static GUIStyle wrappedMiniLabel    
static GUIStyle miniLabel    
static GUIStyle centeredMiniLabel    
static GUIStyle upperLeftMiniLabel    
static GUIStyle centeredLabel    
static GUIStyle centeredBoldLabel    
static GUIStyle middleLeftBoldLabel    
static GUIStyle lowerLeftBoldLabel    
static GUIStyle clippingBoldLabel    
static GUIStyle rightAlignedLabel    
static GUIStyle richText    
static GUILayoutOption[] horizontalLine    
static GUILayoutOption[] thickHorizontalLine    

Public Methods:

Name Summary Parameters Returns
DrawHelpTitleToggle Draws a bold title with a help button that toggles a help box. Usage example: myBool = DrawHelpTitleToggle(myBool, "title", "message"); bool toggle “Boolean to pass in and return.”, string title “Text for the bold title.”, string text “Text for the help box to display.” static bool “Returns toggle”
DrawFoldout   bool value, string label static bool
DrawCompactPopup   string label, int value, string[] options static int
DrawComponentOptions   Component component static Void