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This module defines actions and conditions for a AIAgent to be able to detect GameObjects in the environment.

Public Properties:

Type Name Description Default Value
bool debugMode Toggles debug mode for displaying gizmos when the agent is selected. false
Transform eyes Where to start the ray from when scanning via raycasts.  
MemoryModule memory    
LayerMask layerMask Layers to scan for objects on. -1
QueryTriggerInteraction triggerInteraction Should trigger colliders be ignored? See QueryTriggerInteraction in the Unity Manual. QueryTriggerInteraction.Ignore
SensorTypes sensorType   SensorTypes.sphere
float scanRange The scan range or bounds of the AI’s sensor; A minimum of twice the NavMeshAgent’s height is recommended. 4
float scanInterval Determines the delay between scans. 0
List<string> searchFilterTags Scans of the environment will only add GameObjects with these tags to memory.  
bool clearOldMemory Determines if any existing memory should be cleared before each new scan. (may increase performance, but be careful that clearing memory doesn’t impact gameplay) false

Public Methods:

Name Summary Parameters Returns
Scan Scans for GameObjects in the scene. ScanTypes scanType Void



{ sphere, box, ray, _2D_circle, _2D_box, _2D_line }


{ environment, players, agents, environmentFiltered }