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Smart GameObjects

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Smart GameObjects is a real-time visual scripting tool with built-in procedural animation and interactivity capabilities.



Getting Started:

Right-click the hierarchy and navigate to Kitbashery > Smart GameObject If a Smart Manager is not in the scene one will be automatically created.

Alternatively on an existing GameObject you can navigate to Add Component > Kitbashery > Gameplay > Smart GameObject and add it as a component. Make sure there is a Smart Manager present in any scene with a SmartGameObject in it.

Instructions can be found by clicking on the (?) help button under the component’s header and nearly every field will have a tooltip if you hover over it.


📳 Visual Scripting:

Real-time scripting while in editor play mode. Exportable, reusable behaviors. Hundreds of reflection-free conditions & actions. Built-in error prevention, documentation & debug tools. Supports AudioSource, NavMeshAgent, & Animator components. Supports UnityEvents for easy integration with other assets. Custom boolean & float variables.

🍏 Physics Toolkit:

Custom ray cast shapes. Memory, targets & filters. Object detection algorithms. Rigidbody actions.

🌀 Procedural Animation:

Translation, Rotation, Scaling. Billboards & custom tween modes. Spline paths with multiple spline types. Local space & smooth paths.

⚡ Managed Entities:

Custom FPS throttling. Built-in Object Pooling & spawning. Managed update cycles. Scale to thousands without DOTS using a component workflow***

🔥 Bonus Parametric Meshes:

Multiple shape generators. Custom procedural mesh creation & debug tools. Vertex deformation options. Multiple UV unwrapping algorithms.

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