Base class for all tween components.

Usage Notes:

Tip: Lowercase fields in the inspector can be set via UnityEvents.

Public Properties:

Type Name Description Default Value
bool tweening Is the tween allowed to move? true
bool useFixedUpdate Check this if you are tweening a rigidbody. false
bool tweeningAtStart The starting state of tweening. false
bool tweenWhenVisible Only tween if the render is visible to the main camera. false
Renderer rend The renderer that if visible allows movement. (also used in material tweening).  
Camera visibilityCam    
float startDelay Time in seconds untill the tween starts playing. 0, Minimum value = 0
float lerpTime   0
AnimationCurve curve   AnimationCurve.Linear(0, 0, 1, 1)
WrapMode wrapMode   WrapMode.PingPong
UnityEvent onTweenComplete Called each time a tween reaches its current target.  
bool pauseAtTime Should this tween pause when lerpTime reaches pauseTime? false
float pauseTime The time the next pause will occur. 0

Public Methods:

Name Summary Parameters Returns
UpdateTween     Void
DelayTween Disables movement untill parameter “time” has elapsed. float time Void
PauseTweenAtTime Pauses the tween at the specified time in its curve. float time “The time in the animation curve to stop the tween.” void
ResetTweenState Sets the tweens state back to its initial state with a delay if it has one.   Void
IsVisibleToMainCamera     bool
DebugRootDirection     Void
ReverseCurve Reverses the animation curve   Void
LinearCurve Sets the tween to use a linear animation curve.   void
FlattenCurve Sets the tween to use a constant flat animation curve. float value void