Contains a list of behaviours that can be evaluated.

Usage Notes:

An AI agent’s behaviour loop is updated by an instance of AIManager if a manager instance is not found one will be created.

Public Properties:

Type Name Description Default Value
AIModule[] modules    
bool modulesChanged Has the amount of modules changed? false
List<AIBehaviour> behaviours    
UnityEvent preActionExecution Events to be invoked before any behaviour actions are executed when ExecuteWinningBehaviourActions() is called.  
UnityEvent postActionExecution Events to be invoked after any behaviour actions are executed when ExecuteWinningBehaviourActions() is called.  
bool debugMode Toggles debug information in the console while in playmode. false
DebugLevels debugLevel How much information to log to the console while in debug mode. DebugLevels.BehavioursOnly
ScoreTypes scoreType The condition a behaviour’s score needs to meet for its actions to execute. ScoreTypes.HighestScoreWins
int scoreThreshold The score a behaviour will need to beat in order for its actions to be executed. 0
bool hasBrokenReferences Has a module that this agent depends on been removed? false
List<AIBehaviour> winningBehaviours The behaviours that will have their actions executed the next time ExecuteBehaviourActions is called.  
bool UseCompetingBehaviours Should behaviours compete for a single score criteria? false

Public Methods:

Name Summary Parameters Returns
UpdateAI     Void
ResetBehaviourEvaluation Resets the initial score to beat and clears previously winning behaviours. Note: Call this if you change scoreType during runtime.   Void
ExecuteBehaviourActions   AIBehaviour behaviour Void
AddNewEvent   int behaviourIndex, BehaviourEvent behaviourEvent Void
ValidateBehaviours Makes sure all components required by the behaviour logic has a component instance.   Void
FixBrokenReferences     Void
CheckForModuleChanges     void



{ All, BehavioursOnly, ConditionsOnly }


{ AllScoresAboveThreshold, FirstScoreAboveThreshold, FirstScoreWins, HighestScoreWins, LowestScoreWins }