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This module contains actions and condtions to remember GameObjects and AIAgents that it has been made aware of in the environment.

Usage Notes:

The tags “Player” and “Agent” are used by this module by default make sure they exist in your project settings if you use them.

Public Properties:

Type Name Description Default Value
List<GameObject> objects    
List<AIAgent> agents    
List<GameObject> players    
GameObject objectFocus    
AIAgent agentFocus    
GameObject playerFocus    
string focusTag    
string agentTag   “Agent”
string playerTag   “Player”

Public Methods:

Name Summary Parameters Returns
FocusOnGameObject   FocusModes focusMode Void
FocusOnAgent   FocusModes focusMode Void
FocusOnPlayer   FocusModes focusMode Void
AddObjectToMemory   GameObject go Void
AddAgentToMemory   AIAgent agent Void
FindAgentsInEnvironmentMemory Finds all AIAgents in objects and moves them to agents.   Void
FindPlayersInEnvironmentMemory Finds all GameObjects tagged as a player in objects and moves them to players.   Void



{ Nearest, Farthest, Random, First, Last }