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Module that defines actions and conditions for a AIAgent to pathfind using Unity’s built-in NavMeshAgent.

Usage Notes:

An AI agent’s behaviour loop is updated by an instance of AIManager if a manager instance is not found one will be created.

Public Properties:

Type Name Description Default Value
bool debugMode Toggles debug mode for displaying gizmos when the agent is selected. false
NavMeshAgent agent    
Transform target The target location for the agent to pathfind to.  
MemoryModule memory    
PatrolRoute patrolRoute Positions representing a patrol route in the order they should be navigated to.  
float fleeDistance How far the agent should flee from a target. 16
float followDistance How far from a target the agent need to be to follow it. 4
float wanderRange How far can this agent wander? 4
float wanderTime How long the agent should wait until it wanders again. 1.5f, Minimum Value = 0
float patrolWaitTime The time the agent waits before moving to the next waypoint. 0
int timesToPatrol How many times the agent should patrol though its waypoint route. (0 = forever) 0
PatrolTypes patrolType   0
int timesPatroled   PatrolTypes.loop

Public Methods:

Name Summary Parameters Returns
Flee     Void
FollowTarget     Void
Idle     Void
MoveToTarget     Void
StopPatrol     Void
Patrol     Void
Wander     void