Defines a patrol route relative to its parent Transform.

Usage Notes:

An AI agent’s behaviour loop is updated by an instance of AIManager if a manager instance is not found one will be created.

Public Properties:

Type Name Description Default Value
Vector3[] waypoints Waypoints that define a patrol route in the order they should be navigated to. Note: waypoints are fixed positions in world space.  
Vector3[] route The patrol route relative to its transform (waypoints in local space). Note: route move with the transform.  
RaycastHit[] hits Hits chached when randomizing waypoints.  

Public Methods:

Name Summary Parameters Returns
RefreshPatrolRoute Refreshes the patrol route based on the current waypoint and transform position.   Void
RandomizeWaypoints float radius, float maxDistance, LayerMask mask, QueryTriggerInteraction triggerInteraction   Void



{ loop, pingPong, randomize }

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